Our Global Payroll Assessment Tool is Launched

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It should take only 3 minutes, and completing it can uncover huge efficiencies and savings for you in Global Payroll, HR and IT. Quickly benchmark against other organisations and help identify how to future-proof your organisation’s payroll function and systems by taking the global payroll assessment here or below.

Working with our Senior Payroll experts, Global EMS developed this quick online assessment tool to help identify key opportunities for improvement and strategic planning. Using a handful of insightful questions, we help you uncover the innovations available for your organization to achieve optimum payroll performance globally.

Peter Holland, CEO and Founder of Global EMS notes:

“Like all things Global EMS does, we focused on creating an assessment that is highly intuitive, requires minimal time input from our customers, whilst creating great value and efficiencies.  Guiding you quickly through key areas, it paints a picture of how your current payroll works and what can be done to achieve payroll excellence; whilst improving integration with other business functions.”.

This tool has been built in collaboration with Global Payroll, Data Integration and HR thought leaders.  We use tested questions to quickly elicit important information; to identify how your organisation is currently performing against the optimum that can be achieved.

Payroll has critical impacts on numerous parts of organisations including Finance, Tax, Human Resources, Mobility and of course, your employees. The results of the assessment can have a vastly positive impact on company objectives such as compliance, corporate governance, employee mobility, employee engagement; or simply used as a quick check on how organisations are doing and what can be improved.

Brian Medd-Sygrove, veteran payroll industry leader and Global EMS’ CCO says

“We want to help our customers focus on what they do best and have seen that the tool can serve as a useful guide for longer-term strategic planning and goal setting for their organisations.”

Global EMS crafts solutions for global payroll, data management, payments, expenses and talent mobility. Service led and technically enabled, we deliver innovative, and an unprecedentedly powerful cloud-based capability.

Take your assessment here and be sure to contact us for a more detailed assessment, more information or to find out how we help support your organisation.

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