The Future of Global Payroll, Payment and Business Process Outsourcing Delivered Now.

Providing 'end to end' service excellence through automation of Payroll and business functions, turning a cost into a profit center.

The Fully-Integrated Global Payroll, Expense Management and Payment Solution that includes:

Rapid Implementation and Future Proofing

Compliant and rapid delivery of Global Payroll, Expatriate Payroll and all payments. Refinement of business process, systems integration and service implementation within weeks. Our unique breadth of service and technical leadership includes all supporting business functions, including: Operations, HR, Finance, Global Mobility, Tax, Systems (IT) and 3rd Party providers.

Efficiencies and Savings Greater Than Our Costs

Rather than just try and fix a broken process, we re-engineer and improve it. By analyzing the broader business process, we can identify efficiencies and automation across the organization, saving multiples of our cost. Thus creating sustainable value – a bold statement supported by metrics!

Advanced Technology - Web and Mobile Apps

The latest technologies developed to support global payroll, other business functions and employees now and in the future. We use our fully-supported systems to integrate with and support yours reducing impact and costs for you. In addition to quality and effectiveness, the improved communication within your organization also improves employee experience and benefits, thereof.

Making business better Globally, Locally and Sustainably.

Compliance, Cost-effectiveness and Compassion.

Global Payroll and Payments supported by automation and innovation, creating value across your organization.

Advisory with Action

Payroll should be uneventful’ and the Implementation is key to a successful ongoing process. This is when it is critical to provide good guidance, backed up with understanding and the capability to deliver on what is needed. Business Process refinement can then lead to the creation of sustainable value and other ‘commercial multipliers’.

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Global Payroll, Expatriate Payroll & Payments

Consolidated global payroll, expense management and payments; integrated with other business functions or standalone. Automated, integrated with web and mobile applications, simplifying and improving communications across the organization. Further creating value at every stage and touchpoint within business services.

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Expense Management

Full Global Expense Management, Web and Mobile applications providing direct input into the expense process, using the mobile to capture and submit expenses (including BIK). Thus saving time for employees, in processing and the end of year reporting (W2’s, P11D’s),

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Enabling compliant payroll and payments globally using cutting-edge technologies.

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