Global Payroll Integration

Our Global Payroll Integration utilises the cloud (IaaS) to integrate with disparate data payroll sources and applications. The result? A solution that provides fully centralised global payroll data whilst removing system and data level interdependencies.

Systems integration is key to delivering a fully managed, controlled and compliant global payroll service. 

We can integrate with a wide range of disparate systems including ERP’s, HRIS’ and Human Capital and Benefits.

Some of the systems we integrate with include SAP, PeopleSoft, Equus Assignment Pro, Willis Towers Watson, Workday and ADP among many more.

Systems we integrate with

Global Payroll Integration | Global EMS Service | Systems we can integrate with image

Flexible & tailored to your needs

Global Payroll Integration | Global EMS Service | Flexible and tailored to requirements

We understand that no organisation is the same. Our Global Payroll Integration in the cloud is entirely flexible and tailored to the unique requirements of your organisation. 

We are confident we can integrate with any HR, Payroll and Time and Attendance  system, and we have yet to be proven otherwise.

Our integrated global payroll solutions are fully automated, mitigating the risks associated with data error, duplication and manual intervention. 

Disparate data sources are consolidated, validated and cleansed, before being reviewed and approved – ensuring accuracy.

Reduction of error rate

Global Payroll Integration | Global EMS Service | Reduction of Error Rate

Auditable & compliant

Global Payroll Integration | Global EMS Service | Auditable and Compliant

By mitigating the requirement for manual intervention, Global EMS’ integrated payroll ensures auditability and compliance throughout the process.

Our systems, payment and processes are compliant to SSAE 16, OFAC, BS7799, ISO 27001 and GDPR.

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