Global Payroll Validation & Automation

Global EMS’ Global Payroll Validation, in combination with automated and fully integrated HR and Benefit systems, ensures highly accurate global payroll data processing. The result? An efficient, accurate and compliant global payroll process.

Automated data input payroll validation is an integral component in ensuring an accurate and compliant global payroll process. We acknowledge that the majority of payroll problems occur due to incorrect or incomplete data.

Our systems automatically validate payroll data upon receipt using flexible, configurable and business driven validations dependant on requirements that extend to HR, Bank and Compensation & Benefits data.

Payroll Data Input Validation

Global Payroll Automation – Payroll Data Input Validation

Data Centralisation

Global Payroll Automation - Data Centralisation

Through the use of flexible system integrations, Global EMS centralises global payroll data, eliminating the complexities associated with disparate systems. 

Data centralisation not only enables effective payroll automation, but allows us to efficiently validate and report back to the client on a global scale.

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