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With over 17 years experience, Global EMS fully understands the core issues and typical ‘pain points’ faced by global organisations. Our expertise encompasses compliance, timeliness, accuracy, cost effectiveness and the broader impact on international businesses.

Our solution can be extended to include tax services, assignment management and expense management generating additional savings in cost and time, enabling your business to focus on core issues.

Global Reach

Global EMS has offices located in the UK, US and Singapore, providing us with a global reach that spans the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific time-zones.


We appreciate the importance of innovative technologies in streamlining processes through the use of automation. Furthermore, our cross-platform applications not only benefit process, but improve the employee experience at various levels of the organisations, whilst simultaneously remaining cost effective through time efficiencies.

Our intelligent payment strategies ensure that we can pay employees and employer taxes, including home & host country taxes for expatriates, globally.

Innovative Technology

Driven by Innovative Technology

Consultancy Led Approach

Consultancy Led Approach

Our consultative approach aims to help our clients find the optimum solution tailored specifically to their needs, whilst remaining 100% auditable and future-proofed.

With more than 17 years of success working with some of the largest and most prestigious organisations in the world, we can certainly understand the pain points that businesses face when dealing with global payroll.

Over and above, Global EMS providing the key factors of compliance, timeliness and accuracy, is our attention to customer service – Global EMS is a service company first, supported by state of the art technology.

Customer Service Focused

Customer Service Focused

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