What are the aims of global payroll outsourcing?

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The reasons for why an organisation may choose to use the option of global payroll outsourcing can be grouped and summarised as:

  • Compliance
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Control (administration)

While compliance is usually at the top of the agenda, outsourcing often comes with the caveat: ‘…as long as it saves us money… or reduces administration and provides control.’

When cost is the driver, organisations need to capture the total costs from the start, including all elements of the value chain attached.

Typically it is often difficult to extract this information from a company, and, even then, it is not all-inclusive, but invariably based on a ‘cost of payslip’.

The aim of global payroll outsourcing – what are you trying to achieve?

The ‘true cost’ considers all related processes, systems, software, cost of cash, and those involved throughout the organisation in the non-core areas of business.

Costs are regularly over-simplified, but this also causes issues to arise.

There are situations whereby organisations have not been given a full understanding of the needs and have removed the payroll skills required, leading in real terms to far greater costs to the organisation as a whole than simply the ‘payslip price’.

Therefore, the connection between greater administrative control, reduction of administrative work, and improved cost-effectiveness should never be forgotten.

With this in mind, ROI should be strategically defined by specialists with an understanding of all the ramifications of the change, to make sure the desired aim is, in fact, being met.

The total cost to the company involves a number of areas:

Understanding the aim and need for outsourcing is critical. As with any potential change management process, there needs to be measurable objectives and milestones that support the aim.

But it is vital that they are based on a full and accurate picture of the situation, allowing the organisation to truly achieve the aims they set out for.

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